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User Agreement for Edulinqs

Last Updated: August 20, 2023

1. Understanding the Rules

By using our site, you're saying "yes" to these rules. If you don't agree, kindly steer clear.

2. Rule Updates

We may update these rules occasionally. Keep checking this page. Sticking around after changes means you’re okay with the new rules.

3. Play Nice

Use our platform responsibly. Share links you have the right to share, and don’t spread harmful or illegal content.

4. Our Graphics and Text

We've put work into the design and texts here. They belong to us. If you fancy using something, please ask first.

5. Links You Share

When you add a link, ensure you’re not violating copyright or promoting anything sketchy. By sharing, you're letting us display it, but we might remove links if we find them problematic.

6. Keeping Secrets

We aim to guard your personal details, but remember, the web has its risks. Share only what you're comfortable with.

7. External Links Responsibility

Your shared links point to other places on the internet. We don’t control those places, so we can’t be held responsible for what's there. Make sure you're not sending people to harmful spaces.

8. Breaking Up

If rules are broken, or if we have valid reasons, we might need to part ways, meaning we could remove your links or account.

9. No Promises

We strive for a smooth experience, but can’t guarantee zero hiccups. Sometimes, tech can be unpredictable.

10. Sorting Things Out

Got a concern? Let’s chat. If we can't agree, we'll seek help from a neutral third party instead of battling in court.

Payments and Extras

11. Paying for Cool Stuff

We've got some special features you can pay for. When you buy, you'll pay the amount shown, so make sure you’re cool with that.

12. How You Pay

Use the payment ways we've got on the site. Make sure you’re allowed to use whichever way you pick.

13. Stopping or Changing

Some extras might renew on their own. We'll give you a heads-up before charging again. You can stop them, but no taking back what you've already paid. If our prices shift, we’ll let you know. Sticking with the paid stuff means you’re good with the new price.